postcss error ‘[plugin:vite:css] [postcss] require() of ES Module’ in vite tailwind

This error occurs when we try to run a Vite server for development purposes.

Error :-

Why this error occurs ?

The PostCSS error occurs because PostCSS, which is a tool used for transforming CSS with JavaScript, expects to receive valid CSS code as input. However, the tailwind.js file is not valid CSS code, but rather a JavaScript file that exports a configuration object for Tailwind CSS.

To use the Tailwind CSS configuration object in PostCSS, it needs to be converted into valid CSS code using a tool like postcss-import, postcss-preset-env, or postcss-css-variables.

How to fix this Error ?

One way to do this is by converting the tailwind.js file into a CommonJS module, which can be done by renaming it to tailwind.cjs.

By renaming the file to tailwind.cjs, it can be imported directly in JavaScript code using require(), and the configuration object can be used to generate valid CSS code using a PostCSS plugin like postcss-import. This enables the use of the Tailwind CSS configuration in a PostCSS pipeline without causing a PostCSS error due to invalid CSS code.

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