Top-10 HTML tags that you probably don't know.

Top-10 HTML tags that you probably don't know.

1. < Fieldset >

The <Fieldset> tag in HTML is used to group, some form elements together and create a border around them.

2. < legend >

The tag <legend> is used as a title for the <fieldset> element. It describes the purpose of the group of form elements enclosed by the <fieldset> tag.

3. < datalist >

The <datalist> tag allows you to create a dropdown and searchable text inside an input element with just native HTML.

4. < progress >

The tag <progress> allows you to easily create progress bars using native HTML.

5. < meter >

The tag <meter> allow us to define and highlight quantities in progress bars without using any JavaScript or CSS.

6. < details >

The tag <details> in HTML allows us to add additional elements that we can view or hide after clicking on the element <summary> that we put inside of it.

7. < mark >

This tag highlights text with a yellow background color to draw attention to it. It's useful for emphasizing important words or phrases.

8. < time >

This tag defines a date or time value. It's useful for indicating when content was last updated or published.

9. < nav >

This tag defines a section of navigation links. It's useful for indicating the main navigation of a website.

10. < menu >

This tag defines a menu list. It's useful for creating context menus or dropdown menus.